Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Watch out world - we've got a Wii!.

The boys could not have been more excited and cute!  That is what every grandparent should get to experience.  My seven-year-old quickly figured out what it was and he jumped up so fast I thought his pants were on fire.  He grabbed Nanna and squeezed her so hard I was a little worried.  I don't know that the four-year-old got it, but he saw Mario and that was cool enough.  My two-year-old nephew was helping and he could have cared less what was in the boxes - he was just so excited that the big boys were distracted and he could tear the rest of the wrapping off all by himself.

Now most of my blog followers are close friends and family so I know the question on every one's mind is - How did your husband handle this?  We knew that it was coming so I have been working on him.  Reminding him that his children are growing up in a different era, and video games are not the luxury they were when he was young.  And trying to convince him that without giving them this experience we are setting them back.  He's a hard sell, but once he started playing with the seven-year-old and getting his butt kicked in baseball, it's been a whole new ball game.


  1. Tell Yianni that even I play Wiii!!! It's the PERFECT game for children and adults!! ;)

  2. Thank you for supporting my children's video game habit ;-))