Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bring it on Boys!

The boys got their Xbox 360 for Christmas. Of Course that is all they want to do, and it is all my husband does not want them to do.  I am so tired of hearing the fighting, already that I ask myself, why do I keep any of these ingrates around? No, wait -  why did I buy the game system.

We are all starting to come up for air after being attacked by the Christmas virus that went through the whole house.  I knew I needed a few things from the store so I asked for help making a menu for the next couple days and doing the shopping.  It was only 4:30 p.m. and it was either find another activity or listen to more screaming and fighting over the Xbox for 4 more hours.

No one was interested, Surprise. Three boys and no one wants to help with domestic chores. So I threatened them.  Either help make a menu or eat Goulash and help shop or no Xbox.  My husband decided he was exempt, so he not gets to make dinner tomorrow night and I "accidently" forgot his veggie burgers. Ha!

The boys got on board when I told them they would each get a grocery list.  If they got all the items on the list correctly and beat me to the checkout they would get 5 minutes of Xbox per item and a bonus 15 minutes for beating me.  I even tried to go to a Grocery store that I don't usually shop at but they decided they could still take me.  Bring it on boys.....heeheeheee!

So the eleven year-old started plotting in the car, checking out both lists and trying to help his brother with where items were located before we got to the store.  He tried to bolt from the car in  he parking lot to get a head start which I put the Kibosh on.  We entered the store, each grabbed a basket, and it was Game On.

The eleven-year-old was off with no looking back, grabbing organic fruit, not reading labels or items. Roockie.  The eight-year-old was calculated, checking his list twice, checking in with me - "Should I get two bunches of banana's they look small?" Love this boy. Even with the more difficult items like Pesto, deli meat, and brown rice I was way in the lead. YES! The Deli girls were totally down with Team Mom and double teamed my order while they cheered "Go Mom Go!!"

Somehow the entire store was in on this by the time we raced to the checkout lines.  One of the dad's was cheering on the boys, the store manager was helping them find items, and one woman was following my eight-year-old around and cracking up. She just kept saying, It's just like Home Alone.

Needless to say, I was finished first. But it's Christmas. I'm feeling generous. Well, that and the pressure from everyone in the store that thought it was an ingenious way to earn Video Game time. Once in a while I have a good idea.