Monday, July 18, 2016

I think diapers were easier

No one tells you when you become a parent that the hardest part will not be 3 am feedings, projectile vomiting, or dirty diapers.  It won't even be keeping their fingers out of their mouth or repeating yourself 150 times.  And it certainly won't be strollers, pumpkin seats, or Baby Bjorn's.

When your once beautiful baby boy turns 13 years-old, you will long for the days when it was only dirty diapers, two naps, and feedings every three hours.  That bedtime routine of potty, brush teeth, read books. I'll take it!!

It just seems like there was a lot about parenting that "they" forgot to tell. I don't remember life before 5 really, nothing before Kindergarten so I kinda felt like I was flying blind for those years. But after 5 I though - Heck. Been there, Done that!  I got this.

I don't got this. I was never a 13 year-old boy.  I wasn't a darn good 13 year-old girl.  That was definitely a dark time for me; hormones, brooding, mood swings. Wait, maybe it's not so different? Anywho, when situations arise I try to remember what it was like when I was that age and how my parents handled things. Then I mix myself a stiff drink, call the psych hotline, and do the exact opposite of what my parents did.

My neighbor just had her tenth child. Wow. 10. Teenagers. Well, maybe it's easier to deal with when you are still changing diapers? Or easier not to deal with when you are changing diapers.
Que sera,sera.