Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our year begins.....

So for a woman who didn't want to work full-time.....I've been working Full-Time! I have been subbing non-stop since the second week of school which means that everything else is falling through the cracks. Very large cracks. Craters actually. More like the Grand Canyon.

The kitchen is rolling along but it would be really great if I could be home long enough to pick out some counter tops and get those ordered. I joked about it not being done until Christmas - now I'm not joking. If I don't get those ordered they won't be here until Christmas.

My husband was very upset when people joked to him about how long it would take, now he's just upset because they were right.  He has tried his best to keep it together during the construction. But between spending large amounts of money and living in chaos and clutter he's had his months of losing it. I meant moments. Moments honey, sorry for the typo. (It wasn't really. wink. wink.)

The boys are doing their best to adjust to the new routine and new school year - especially since I keep telling them I'll be home today - then I am not. The cupboard isn't bare yet, but it's hard to make lunch with olives, peanut butter, and left over mashed potatoes. If you think that's bad don't ask what we are eating for dinner it would make Martha Stewart call child protective services.

My seventh grader is now getting up at 6 a.m. Well, sometimes he is getting up at 6 a.m. If he is at all like his mother (yes) there is never any getting use to waking up before God. He is playing Soccer, running Cross Country, and playing the Baritone Saxaphone in band. I am taken aback at how much he is changing everyday in appearance, mood, and smell.  But the very best parts of him are just getting bigger and better.

His Cross Country times are getting progressively worse as the season goes on but he hasn't noticed. The last race he stopped to help a runner from another team who fell into a ditch scraping up his knee pretty badly and hitting his head on a tree root. The kid even said"Dude what are you doing keep running!" He was too worried and stayed a few more seconds until an adult got there. I can't fault him for that.  I love how everyone gets a cheering section even the last man in. Sounds like Cross Country fits him well.

He is most excited about playing the "bari". The school actually had one for us to keep at home for extra practice. Oh joy-Thanks school! I love the way he lights up when he talks about music. It's the only class he looks forward to this year. I can't tell if that's because the content in his classes is getting more intense, or the personalities are getting more interesting but that 's a story for another day. I warned him that Junior High is a unique experience.  I'm glad that he has band.

My little man is actually doing great this year compared to the past.  He was really excited to have one of the teachers that his older brother had and I think that has made all the difference.  He has still forgotten several things, hates having early soccer practice, and really feels that this school thing gets in the way of his social life, but this is WAY better than dragging him out the door everyday.

Part of the reason he may be loving this year's new routine is that he has mom all to himself in the morning.  That's usually when I get the sub calls too and he loves that I always ask him if I should take the job or not - then he critiques my outfit.  Also when I get to sub at his school we can eat lunch together. He thinks he is hot stuff marching into the office to eat with me while his buddies head to the cafeteria. I learned a long time ago with this one - it's all about the cool.

Just yesterday I got a call to sub and I told him I would love to, it was at his school, but I had such a bad headache.  He said, 'Mom. You're the nurse- if your head hurts just lay down!" Why didn't I think of that.

My little one is so much like his dad. I see it more and more everyday.  He lives freely and loves fiercely, standing up for his brother one minute and tearing into him the next. His most commonly screamed phrase is "I just want to talk and no one ever lets me!" There is a lot going on inside that little man of mine and he wants you to know every bit of it.  What's funny, but not really funny 90% of the time, is how those feelings come out.  Like the other day when he had to tell his dad the same thing three times.  When my husband asked a fourth time something like, What are you doing now?! His response was "Buying you a hearing aid because you are DEAF!" I laughed.

Even though the school year has started off with more than enough excitement for one family and I can't get a break from work....everyone is healthy. KNOCK ON WOOD!! and that's worth more than gold. What else can I ask for.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You What?!

Yes, Ladies and Gentleman I turned down a Full-time job.....
It's fine, I'll wait. It's nothing I haven't heard already.

For once in my life I trusted my gut. That's all there is to it. I trusted my gut and said "No thank you."

So what now ted??

Stay tuned......