Monday, July 17, 2017

What the ?!

I woke up late.
Everyone was back in the office today and not for good reasons.
The owner decided to call a meeting 10 minutes before I was "suppose" to leave.
Checks were still not signed, bills were due, my car is full of recycling from the office because no one else will take it and the owner says "Can you run by the bank for me?".
I didn't get out of work on time and I had soccer carpool duty which now means no time for lunch.
After speeding home (in hopes that I could at least pee) I dashed right back out to pick up the other soccer kid.  We got to his house to find out he was at our house. I had the the carpool backwards.
I drove to soccer anyway.
Then I get a call that my son hurt his ankle and he is in the trainer's office and that I should pick him up in a half and hour.
That is exactly a half an hour before my scheduled carpool time.
I drove back to soccer anyway.
Meanwhile I finally get a hold of my husband who is 7 hours ahead of us because he is overseas.
But now he wants to know what is going on with our son.
Pick up son, speed back home, Viber with dad regarding the ankle situation while son downs a Gatorade and half a chicken, then try to put a soccer sock over the taped ankle, then back in the car to pick up other soccer kid.
I arrive home to the eleven year-old who has not been out of the house yet today but has played 8 hours of Xbox ,eaten a bag of BBQ potato chips, a dozen chocolate chip cookies, two Gatorades, and taken four sales calls.  He has now switched our cable and energy providers as well as purchased lawn service for a year. He hung up on the one that called him a girl.
Off to Soccer Village to pick up his new kit for this year.
Then to the store for ice, more fruit, and more Gatorade. (for the son actually working out)
Drop off the piles of recycling in my car that make me look like a very strange type of hoarder.
Back to the store because we forgot the ice.
Back to the school to pick up the soccer boys.
And I'm just thinking....I have to do this AGAIN tomorrow.
Lord help me.