Monday, October 27, 2014

It's all about the sport

(Don't say I didn't warn you!)

When will you crazy ass folks stop living through your children? You can not relive High School  through your eight-year-old. So do us all a favor and sit your ass down and stop screaming "BOX OUT" and "SCREEN" in my ear.

And just because your kid plays an outdoor sport doesn't mean he can't hear you - he heard you - we all heard you! Three fields away.  Some class act you are dropping F-Bomb's at your kid's soccer game.

I am so sick and tired of sports it's not even funny. Maybe it was volunteering to be the Parent Administrator for the soccer team this season that threw me over the edge.  I hate the schedules, the expectations, the parents, the organizations, the league, and I am staring to hate the stupid little monsters that play.

Where the hell does an eleven-year-old get off telling a teammate that they have no business on the field?  Who are you, Messi? Pele'? When your sorry ass can even score a goal - let's talk. Maybe it's the fact that I just now got an email that my son does NOT have a basketball team to play on after all.

Seriously-do you know how hard it is to get your kids on teams? Oh no - it can't be the Recreation league. It can't just be pick up games on Saturday. This is the suburbs where we all live in house that looks exactly the same, we all drive the same damn mini-van, so of course our children can not possibly all be the same. Yours is the next best thing.

Do you want your kid to stand out in sports? Show them how to lose with dignity. Teach them to put a hand out and pick up the kid they ran over on the field/court even if it was a good play.  Make sure they learn the fundamentals of the game, good sportsmanship, respect, hard work, and character. Not how every game lost is someone else's fault - usually the referee- but never theirs.

I am far from perfect. I've been the crazy parent on the sideline, hell I even walked onto the Basketball court once and my kid was 8! Part of the reason I freaked out today when his basketball team went kapoop was because I could just see the downward spiral. He doesn't play in 6th grade so then he doesn't make a 7th/8th grade team and by the time he gets to High School he's got a C average, smokes pot, and doesn't go to college. He's an ABC Afterschool special waiting to happen!

Yes, I was suppose to be a drama major.  I can see the hysterics in this situation and also the light at the end of the tunnel. There is a reason that he isn't on a Basketball Team right now and whatever happens is what's suppose to be......whether I arm wrestle the neighbor over the last team spot or not. I could totally take her by the way.

Where have all the blogs gone.....

Did anyone else go to a Girl Scout camp where they sang folk songs like that one around the campfire?? Where have all the Flowers Gone? Thanks for helping to further depress the nine-year-old with anxiety issues.

Someone did ask me recently, What have you written lately? and I felt the cloak of shame fall heavy on my shoulders immediately wrapping me in the guilt of having to say, nothing.  I have a serious case of writers block. Although in my case it feels more like censorship.

I have had plenty to rant and rave about this year  Two kids, my mother-in-law living with us, still the same crazy husband, still crazy family.  It's just that my true intent was to record my humorous stories for family, friends, and eventually my kids and lately nothing feels humorous. Overwhelming, exhausting, and frustrating a lot of the time. Because of that I have been working very hard to focus my energy in a new directions. Productive, positive, peaceful directions.

I still have notes for many things I should be writing, but I guess because I often use writing as a catharsis it's time to purge. So WATCH OUT - Here she blows!