Monday, October 27, 2014

Where have all the blogs gone.....

Did anyone else go to a Girl Scout camp where they sang folk songs like that one around the campfire?? Where have all the Flowers Gone? Thanks for helping to further depress the nine-year-old with anxiety issues.

Someone did ask me recently, What have you written lately? and I felt the cloak of shame fall heavy on my shoulders immediately wrapping me in the guilt of having to say, nothing.  I have a serious case of writers block. Although in my case it feels more like censorship.

I have had plenty to rant and rave about this year  Two kids, my mother-in-law living with us, still the same crazy husband, still crazy family.  It's just that my true intent was to record my humorous stories for family, friends, and eventually my kids and lately nothing feels humorous. Overwhelming, exhausting, and frustrating a lot of the time. Because of that I have been working very hard to focus my energy in a new directions. Productive, positive, peaceful directions.

I still have notes for many things I should be writing, but I guess because I often use writing as a catharsis it's time to purge. So WATCH OUT - Here she blows!

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