Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Baaacckkk!

It is exactly one month since the last time that we were able to turn the computer on and it worked. Meanwhile, I have spent countless hours on this silly machine. I have tried tech support at Microsoft, drug it to a "Geek" shop, and threatened it with replacement. My husband was finally on board to buy a new one and then the appointment happened.

The appointment that I dread more than a yearly visit to the Down Under Dr. - the Dentist. Dentist's hold particular angst for me due to an experience when I was three with thirteen cavities and a Dentist I referred to as Dr. Bombay. (Yes, I am a huge Bewitched fan.) I had almost gotten over my dental fear when we ran out of dental insurance. THE FEAR IS BACK.

Children need to see the Dentist starting at age three. So my son that turned three in March - was due for a first visit and my six-year-old and I haven't been back in over a year. ALL three of us went to the Dentist last Friday. If I could rate the dental experience on a scale of one to ten I guess I'd say it was a 7. The overall experience was a 2!

First of all I took the earliest appointment against my better judgement so that the six-year-old wouldn't miss too much school. We actually got there by 8:30 - a.m.!! I prepped the three-year-old who was looking forward to prizes and had asked, "How much will this cost?" so that I thought I was totally prepared. To use the words of that silver tongue sage my father, "Wrong Buzzard Breath".

We were there for two hours, they made the six-year-old go first and get X-rays. They found two cavities and want to seal all four of his six-year molars and I have a cracked tooth. $407 later I stood in the lobby in tears telling them I'd call when I was ready to schedule the rest.

Why, you ask, was a grown woman crying over cracked teeth? They told me that it would only take an hour. They told me that I would go first so the boys could watch. They told me no one needed X-rays. They told me it would cost $199. I feel sooo violated.

So you see, I gave up on the new computer that day. My husband came home for lunch and found me still sobbing at the kitchen table. He called a friend and asked him if he knew anything about computers and he said, "Enough to be dangerous, why?" Three days later our computer which they said was toast is fixed with a CD/DVD burner installed! Efharisto and Sagapo Lee!
Don't worry, it's all Greek to me too.