Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Christmas Lists....

Christmas lists are a traditional part of the holiday season for some of us they are exciting eventful even and for the rest of us problematic.  Jewelry? Silver, gold, costume?  Star Wars action figure? Cade Bane, Boba Fett, Jar Jar who?

As a child however, there was no greater fun then pouring over the catalogs, watching Saturday morning cartoons, or if you were lucky, hitting a toy store with Grams to check out all the latest loot.  The most problematic part was prioritizing or finding a paper big enough for the entire list.

Now as a parent myself I see the flaw in the idea of letting the boys make a list 12 miles long, how do I know what they really want?  Do they know what they really want?  It was for that reason, and others, (like the traumatic Christmas I whispered my list to Santa only to find none of the items under the tree, some elf, huh!) that I have told my boys that they can ask Santa for three things, and he'll pick one to put under the tree.

There is still the element of surprise, Which one will he bring? There is the need to prioritize.  What do I really want? And for me, options! Like last year when the then six-year-old asked for a Nintendo DS, Army guys, and something else expensive? (Please do you really think I could remember that a year later!)  He got the Army guys.  This year the now seven-year-old has asked for a Drum set, Nerf guns, or Tech Decks.  He obviously does not feel inhibited, a drum set? Yeah, Santa know better than that!

So we recently took a trip to Toys R Us where they could peruse the aisles and tell me anything they thought they might want to put on their list later.  The four-year-old went up and down the aisles saying, "I want this, and this and this and this".  It was pretty funny considering he would look to make sure I was writing, and that he had things like a magic eight ball, collectors edition retro KISS dolls in full regalia, and a 64 pack of crayons.  When he wrote to Claus though, there was only one thing on the list, Star Wars.  Great.  The seven-year-old was so cautious with his choices that I finally told him to tell me something and he could pare it down later.

Mommy's Wish list: a professional kitchen since that's where I spend 99% of my time, a maid-so that she could spend 99% of her time in the professional kitchen while I get spa treatments, beach vacations, and lots of girl time.

Mommy's Christmas list: a very snowy, loud and crazy Christmas morning followed by a long, cozy Christmas day with my family. Happy Holiday's!

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