Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My NewYear's Resolution

I have never been one for New Year's Resolution.  Early in life I determined that changing behavior was hard, really hard.  Whether it is losing weight, getting to the gym, or not yelling at your kids.

Creating a new habit, shifting a paradigm, eliminating the negative is like herding cats, dressing jello, or raising children.  Damn hard.  Not impossible but when you are given the wrong tools to begin with it's more difficult than putting together a bookshelf from IKEA with a standard screwdriver.

This year has to be different.  Something has to change.  I know from experience the only person that I can change is myself.  That's a tough enough job.  I'm closing in on 40 and have not had very good luck changing my ways, what's so different about a New Year's Resolution?

The only thing that I can figure is that with a new year comes a fresh outlook, a new beginning, a do over.  Honestly, the New Year has always made me depressed.  Just as television recaps the tragedies of the past year so do I recap my life and all the failed attempts, missteps, and nasty big mistakes.  (Like trying to take on a ref at my son's basketball game)

I know it could be something different, I've met people who always see the glass as half full.  My trouble, whether wiring or parenting, I've never been one to see the sunny side of the street.  So, is all the yelling, fighting, and turmoil in my house my fault? Will the hard work of changing my habits, shifting my paradigm, and eliminating all the negative - give me the big pay-off I am looking for? Or is it hard wired? Am I swimming upstream?

My New Years Resolutions:
To see the glass as half full, even when the juice is running across the table.
To walk on the sunny side of the street, even when my companions are not.
To find humor in the mundane, even if it is trying to brush a four-year-olds teeth.
To see the positive of every situation, even when we are all screaming and yelling at each other -
because at least we are all healthy enough to scream!


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