Saturday, January 1, 2011

Postcards from FL

My 68 year-old father has a new laptop.  My parent are wintering in Florida this year, for real this time (I'll explain that whole thing another time) and my dad has been sending emails to keep us all up-to-date.  The emails are very funny, on so many levels, but the funny thing was yesterday my sister commented on Dad's "postcards".

The emails go something like this:

how are you doing is it cold up there are the boys ready for christmas is mom ready dad is always ready i'm working on votzkes boat every day from 9 to4 but i think today we got it done although hell find another job tomorrow we miss you and love you give my little buddies a hug and kisses love dad
(oh yeah, and nothing in the subject line)
They make me giggle because of the stream of consciousness, no punctuation, and lack of capitalisation.  They make me smile, because that is my Dad.  If you were to call him it would go something like this...
Hello this is Jim!
Hi dad, how are you?
Finer than frog hair, better than if I had my right mind.  How are you?
Good.  What are you up to day?
Well, I'm on a high level mission.  Got people to see, places to go, things to do.  Votske's got me working on his boat, needs a new pull so we gotta get that fixed, then we're gonna need lunch, than we gotta see if the fish are biting, then I'll probably have to take a nap and a sh!t, not in that order,and then you're mom and I will get dinner, watch TV in separate rooms and go to bed.  What are you doing?
Smiling..  Because that's my dad.  I love that he has finally embraced technology - on his terms.  And I love his postcards from Florida.

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