Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is this as good as it gets...

Yesterday before the big storm arrived I went to the Grocery store with the rest of the world.  Problem was, I didn't know it was suppose to snow until I got there with all the other crazies.  I mean people. Did I say that out loud?

So after picking up bread, milk, and fruit which I can't seem to keep in the house for more 24 hours I got out to the official vehicle of the suburban soccer mom -my minivan.  I loaded in the groceries and jumped into the drivers seat.

As I always do, I locked the door and grabbed the seat belt.  Doing this I was gazing out at the car parked opposite mine.  It was a small smart two door gray car.  In the passenger seat sat a gentleman obviously over 65 but smartly dressed with a collared shirt, leather jacket, and glasses.  He must have noticed my pause to get myself situated and taken that as a sign of interest.

As I reached for my list to check the next stop I see the man mouthing something, curious I looked one more time and saw that he was mouthing the words, "Hey Baby! You want some of this!" Then he proceeded to lick his lips and flick his tongue.

Really? Is this as good as it gets? A seventy year-old pervert making goo goo eyes through the car window?

I can take this two ways, the anti-aging cream I bought for myself at Christmas isn't working, or I'm Hot in Cincinnati ;-)


  1. What did u answer? :P

  2. I'm with Liz -don't leave us hanging;) Definitly HOT in Cincy