Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanks Courtney!

I'm not a big celebrity follower, but we only get about 11 TV channels and one of the E!  So when I really need to veg, hopefully it's Chelsea Handler and not the krazy Kardashian klan time.  I love Chelsea's sense of humor and the run down on what stupid things celebrities have done now.

So the other night she was talking about Courtney Cox and her soon-to-be X, David Arquette.  Evidently, David went on The Howard Stern show and told the listeners that the marriage dissolved because Courtney was tired of being his mother.


Can I just say that of all the stressors in my marriage, the one that drives me most mad is that I have a 40 year-old child sometimes.  Having to think for my husband drives me crazy.  And I guess the most maddening part of it is that if I went away for the weekend, or if I have a busy week, or a family emergency - He can be amazing!  But on a day to day basis, it's like having a third child.

Do any of these examples sound familiar?

Did you pack my bathing suit?
(he asks me as I am crawling around the van floor looking for a star wars character for a screaming child!)
If you are tired, why don't you just lay down?
(he says at 6:30 as I am serving dinner, which I will be cleaning up, after being up all night with the sick child)
What time do we have to leave for the pre-school performance?
(he says calling from work 5 minutes after you were suppose to leave)

So I say, Thanks Cortney! Thank you for not sighting irreconcilable differences.  Thank you for not saying, "We just grew apart." Thank you for telling men every where that money is not the number one cause of divorce - it's their need to be the biggest baby in the house!

Now could someone please help explain to them - sex?

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