Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I am thankful for...

So my seven year-old left for school this morning to give his presentation, What I am thankful for.  When I asked him last night what he was going to say, he said, "Oh, I know mom, I know exactly what I'm going to say, we need to take a picture of the car." A little confused I said, "OK, so what is it that you are thankful for?" The reply was just not what I expected - "Transportation!"

Teaching moment?  Re frame this?  Go with the flow?  What do you do as a mom when your expectation and their reality are so far apart?

We talked about how wonderful transportation is and how grateful I am for it, because taking the four year-old to school in a carriage, or even on a horse let alone by foot would take all day.  Not to mention groceries!

But I told him that when someone asks me what I am most grateful for, I would have to say my family.  To which the four year-old chimed in that his brother should be most thankful for him-his little brother - and he should bring his picture or bring him to school and maybe they could bring some star wars stuff and talk about that too!

Well, he finally decided that he wanted to say- of course he was grateful for his family and health - but he was also grateful for something with a seat, handlebars, pedals....can you guess?? A Bike! and he is going to talk about how grateful he is to mountain bike with his dad.

I guess we got there.....

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