Saturday, November 13, 2010

The waiting game....or New Super Hero hits town.

It's been a busy week and thus I ended up at the bank on a Saturday morning.  I was writing up the deposit slips at the bank when I overheard the drive-thru customer ask the teller why it took so long, where they short staffed?  She calmly replied, well yes sir there are only two of us and there is a line inside also, I'm sorry for your wait.

I ended up having the same teller and I told her I thought she handled that very well.  She smiled, sighed, and said I guess some people don't like to wait. Yes, I replied, then as if my body had been possessed I said NO! Really, no one likes to wait.  But it's like cleaning toilets, you just do it.  And I live with three boys - there is pee everywhere, behind the toilet, beside the toilet, in places there should not be pee.  You just do it.

As if the possession had ended as abruptly as it began I suddenly realized what I just said - to strangers - in the bank!  Where the hell is my filter?  Then the two ladies both giggling and said, Thank you. You just made our day!

Well, my work here is done.  Call me freakish filterless friend!  UP UP and Away.....

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