Friday, May 7, 2010

Where do they get this stuff?

As a mom, there are times when you look at your children flabbergasted and think, "Where in the world did that come from?". And then there are times when you look at your children in utter horror and think, "I didn't know that was genetic!"

Our seven-year-old went on a field trip today to a farm. We talked about it when he got home, he told us all about the goats, donkeys, and baby chicks. It was all very wholesome. Then I opened an email, his teacher sent. It's a picture from the field trip of his group and a text that said he just announced to everyone, "I love the smell of manure!"

Our four-year-old at Easter came out of pre-school all excited about the book they read. I asked what it was about, and what they did, and who he played with today. Usually very tight lipped, my son proceeds to tell me everything he learned about Jesus and Easter. He said, "We made a cwross." "You did!" I said feeling a sudden maternal rush at our new found connection. "What did you learn about the cross?" "That Jesus woves me very much" he said, then added "I told my teachers, Micheal Jackson woves me too."

I plead the fifth and stick to my original statement, Where in the heck do they get this stuff?

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