Sunday, May 23, 2010

Control Freak + Aniexty Disorder = Bad Parenting

My husband and I were married almost ten years before we had children. Many of those years I was not ready, all of those years my husband was not ready. I once told a very good friend of ours that I thought it was illegal for us to reproduce because we were too much alike-crazy. Knowing us both very well they laughed until beer shot out of their nose and agreed a little too wholeheartedly.

Well, we did it anyway - twice. And there are times when I go to bed thinking, my poor children. My husband is a total control freak and I have suffered with an anxiety disorder ever since I can remember.

Case in point, this weekend. I'm PMS'ing and my husband, oh hell we're both on the rag. Is that too offensive? Sorry, deal with it! Consequently nothing the children have done is right. I tell them to get out of the kitchen and he tells them to go help mom. I send them outside to play and he yells at them to get in the house and clean up.

By now you may be giggling, or calling child protective services. But anywho you are probably assuming that we are, in general, in two separate places when these miscommunication happen. Wrong!

Today while sitting next to my husband I told the kids they could put their suit on and go play in the hose. Which the 7 year-old did immediately. Laughing, giggling, soaking himself not only with water but pure joy. At which time my husband stands up and yells, "We are wasting water, turn off the hose. The ground is over saturated you can fill up a bucket that's enough water."

I asked him to back off, and not very kindly. My mother would have been appalled at the language I chose. Then asked him if his own childhood was really that bad that we had to ruin theirs completely. He shut-up, for awhile. My poor kids!!


  1. What!?! You mean the old stories of hyperbole don't apply here?? "In Greece, we have water flowing all the time and the children play and we have a good time... we live life!! We don't worry!! Oh, and because the water is so pure, nobody ever gets sick!! Not even a cold!!"

    Must be the Ohio hose water that he's really raging against! lol

  2. You know him well grasshopper!