Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's Halloween!! I can't say that it is my favorite holiday but what's not to like about candy and chili and running around in the dark with friends.

Unless your obsessed with fear and uptight about everything. Little harsh? Probably, I'm not known for my restraint. I'm one of those people that gets up in the morning and forgets the filter.

But really, Halloween? Has it gotten that out of control? Help me understand, so 17 year-olds go out with a pillow case and try to get candy...boys in my class did that 20 years ago. Some people laughed at their gumption (shall we saw) analyzing their creative costumes (I think they dressed as cheerleaders and hookers)and rewarded them with a snack size snickers while others said Get out of here!

Did they egg, TP, and ding dong ditch? Heck yes, but guess what, so did my Dad 60 years ago. Maybe I'm pushing it, 50? Anyway my dad and his friends tipped over outhouses, sometimes with people in it! Do I need to describe that in detail? Use your imagination people.

All I'm saying is that we were allowed to wear our costume to school and we had a parade. Some one's mom brought in treats and the Cafeteria ladies dressed up. We collected for UNICEF and brought it to Mass the next day. We ran around the neighborhood and sometimes a friends neighborhood also until way past dark and ate as much candy as we could that night.

Where does all this commotion over Holiday's come from, how sad was your Halloween growing up that you want to take away parties, candy, and trick or treat? Maybe I'm a naive Midwestern fool that still sees good in the world, in people, in letting my hair down on Oct. 31st, and eating all the Reese's cups I can steal from my children.

Happy Halloween!

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