Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ice Cream Monday

As is obvious from my more than melancholy post earlier this week life just seemed to catch up and bite me in the butt. Does that ever happen to anyone else? Several people commented that I should seek help from a therapist which started out offensive and then I realized, YOUR READING MY BLOG!!!!! Yeah Me!

Anyway on Monday when we went to the gas station/convenient store for gas I had to go in and pay. As the four-year-old and I jump out of the car I realize there is an ice cream sale going on and I started to grumble thinking, Great now all he's going to do is whine "I want this and I want that!"

I do not know what happened as we stepped inside the door, but when he looked up at me and said, "Mom, can we have ice cream?" I said, SURE! Why not, it's Monday!

Everyone around us giggled, and then giggled a little more as I held him so he could pick a flavor. He had to taste about ten of them first and make a comment about all the others being gwross, or yucky, or just oooouuuuu.

We left with our Ice Cream Monday's. There is nothing like the power of ice cream.

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  1. I baptised this kid..what did u expect? hahahha