Thursday, May 7, 2009

Webkinz HMO - Please!

The things that people do not tell you when you become a full-time mom is that it can be as boring as watching paint dry. We have recently acquired two Webkinz though and I have to say - what a guilty pleasure. It is just so nice to have a break from things like laundry, cleaning, and cooking to do something with your brain, even if it's just the very addictive Smoothie Moves. (if anyone can make it past level 6, I do not want to know!) What can it hurt right, you earn your child the all important and essential Kinzcash so that they can take care of their animals with out letting them spend 775 hours a week playing on the computer.

I was actually playing in Webkinz World the other day while my children were outside playing in the real world and saw that it was Hedgie's birthday. I thought this significant enough to call my son inside so that we could feed him cake and sing to him. I failed to notice that the animal was an awful shade of green, had a thermometer in his mouth, and an ice pack on his head. So when my son came in he shrieked, "Hedgie is sick!". We quickly sprung into action and took him to see Dr. Quack. Thank God they could get us in right away!

After the examination Dr. Quack informed us that it was NOT in fact the swine flu just a simple cold that needed medication, if we were willing to buy it, for 30 Kinzcash. I was so relieved that the poor animal was not going to die not to mention that we would not have to quarantine the computer for 7-10 days due to H1N1 exposure, that we bought the medicine. However it got me to thinking, 30 Kinzcash is a lot for a prescription, surely Webkinz supplies these animals with better Health care than that!

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