Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Parenthood - Pass/Fail

I love my children and my choice to stay at home with them - 85% of the time. Days like this I wish I could take the F and drop out. I'll admit failure! I suck at being a parent right now the Super Nanny would need a two-hour special.

"This week on the Super Nanny, meet a Mum whose totally lost it and children running amok."

My son is calling himself dumb, stupid, idiot, and brat. Nothing pushes a parents buttons like trying to disciple a child whose beating on his younger brother and hearing, "you love him more than you love me, all you do is yell at me, I'm going to run away."

My overly sarcastic nature makes my first reaction, "If anyone here gets to run away it's me! And don't worry about favorites neither of you are at the top of my list today." That does not come out of my mouth, but it is hanging off the end of my tongue like slobber on a bulldog.

He's got me right where he wants me, now I'm torn between punishing him and hugging him. Do I stand firm and send him to his room? Do I pull him close and tell him how sorry I am for being the worst mother in the world? The Super Nanny would be so disappointed. What about neutral corners - I'll take the one with the wine in it.

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