Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer is upon us...

Oh the joys of summer. Longer Days, swimming pools, grill-outs, lounging at my parents house on the lake all of these things bring about wonderful thoughts of summer. But now that I've had a slight taste of freedom; i.e. several hours without children - I am dreading summer.

The most dreaded of all are the two words that sent my mother in a rage and likewise now myself - "I'm Bored!" I should be ready for this. There are thousands of websites out there devoted to things you can do with your children this summer. I need to arm myself. Be at the ready for those dreaded words with easy science experiments, math pages, and reading material. The problem with me is, that takes a lot of time, energy, and organization. I am too darn lazy.

Yes, I admit it, I will shout it. I am Lazy!! That is the kind of time commitment women make who home school their children. I am not that kind of woman. Did I mention that I have a degree in Elementary Education? My Education professors often described me as "a day late and a dollar short". That sums it up, except now it is WAY more than a dollar. Some professors where nice enough to call it "flying by the seat of my pants" whatever that means.

I know that we will make it through the summer, unfortunately there be quite a few days where the dreaded words are uttered. My plan, go to the pool and order a pizza for dinner. Pizza fixes everything.

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