Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Mayhem

Silly me!!

As a Mother of two boys and the wife of an only child I should know better than to down play Mother's Day. Subtlety does not work. I said, "Let's do some yard work." Thinking that since it was going to be a nice day, we could all work together, enjoy being outside, and get some work done.

After making everyone breakfast and lunch, then cleaning that up and getting pasta salad ready for our friends cookout I finally sat down. What the heck is going on here! It's Mother's Day and I've spent all morning cooking, cleaning, and wiping two very runny noses because it is allergy season. Anger started boiling from a places I did not know I had. Self - I said - wait. Do not ruin the day.

So off I went to Lowes to get the top soil and flowers. By the time I left Lowes I was feeling absolutely Zen like. My mind was a glow with the beautiful colors and scents of roses in every form. The staff was more helpful than anyone in my house had been so far today and the two young men that loaded my car even said Happy Mother's Day. Floating home through a sea of sunshine in a cool breeze I felt I had recaptured the day.

Silly me!

The images from Hallmark, American Greetings, FTD, and all the others that stand to make a buck off this holiday show Mother's being showered with love. I was being showered with top soil. After hauling, dumping, spreading, and planting I didn't even shower before we went to the cookout. The kids chased the friends dog while I sipped a glass of wine. Looking in the sky I remembered a co-worker who wanted children but would never have them - Silly Me!

Mother's Day isn't about a card or a rose, it's just about being a mom. For that, I am most grateful.

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