Wednesday, June 18, 2014


There is nothing more entertaining then two eight year-old boys in the car.  My son has been begging to play with a friend so after 10 text messages, three phone calls, and a couple of emails we finally scored!

We picked up his buddy and we are driving home when we pass one of their friends houses and this is the conversation that I hear.

"There's Griffin's house."
"He's moving."
"He is?"
"Yep next to Brody, Brody..."
"Brody Black?"
"No the other Brody."
"Brody Jones?"
"Yeah him."
"Where does he live?"
"Over by school, you know that dog that always gets out when we are at recess, you know that place we are suppose to run through the fence in case of an intruder in the school, that place."
"Yeah - I want to buy his house. I wanna live there alone."
"I'll live with you."
"I think we would destroy the place."
"We'd party every night."
Giggle, giggle, whoop, whoop, fist pumps
"Yeah we'd play Duck, Duck, Goose!"
"We could chase each other around in circles!"

Ok this is where I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud that I thought I might start snorting so instead I started "coughing" and missed the rest of the conversation that had something to do with underwear. That's eight year-old boys for you.

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