Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Invisible people are hard!

This was the year - we have put off staining the deck too long and this was the year!  Fourth of July weekend we took advantage of the paint sales, went out and bought the very expensive and very thick deck restorative paint, and we got to work.

It was truly a family affair as both my husband and I painted and usually one, if not both boys were helping.  $400 in paint and supplies, well over 100 man hours, and 4 days.  I never want to see another spindle again in my entire life.

I did thank God many times for the cooler than usual July weather, the breeze, and the fact that even if the boys were not painting they were keeping themselves occupied.  This is not a challenge for my youngest son who can play by himself for hours.  We often giggle at how long he will sit somewhere near us with a toy car, gun, or Lego making the appropriate noises.

Even with all the great weather, good behavior, and a live-in cook right now (Gia Gia) by Saturday night my patience were gone. I was downright snippy.  So after I had asked for the boys to help bring the food out for dinner so that we could eat outside (seeing as my husband and I were both covered in grey paint) and NO ONE WAS LISTENING, I was ready to snap.

That's when my eight-year-old comes walking around the side of the house all slumped over, Nerf gun in each hand, looking dejected and exhausted.  The hair stood up on the back of my neck immediately and I threw my hands on my hips and shot the boy a "Don't you dare play tired with me" look.  He never did look up - he slumped down in a lawn chair heaved a big sigh and said-
"Boy these invisible guys are wearing me out!"

I laughed so hard I forgot to be mad, or tired, or snippy.

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