Monday, June 9, 2014

Teaching Gia Gia

Wouldn't that make a great film title?

I am watching my eight-year-old teach his Grandmother (Gia Gia) who speaks very little English how to play Monopoly. This is the funniest and cutest thing ever. He won't let her go twice for rolling doubles and he has already bought up half the board so she has landed on his property three times and she hasn't made it to GO yet.

Every time she has to pay him she pretends to cry and he laughs. Every time he counts back change from a $500 bill she shouts "Bravo!" and beams like he just graduated college at age 8.  He is helping her with her properties and money and the Free Parking pot because she has landed on every tax on the board already.

I think I am taking Gia Gia down to a casino - she has rolled doubles almost every turn. But of course she was not allowed to take two turns because he had not rolled doubles.  When he rolled doubles he wanted to take 2 turns but Gia Gia was on it. She said "Why you go two and not me?" Busted! There is a new rule now.

Gia Gia has three properties now, but my little real estate mogul has 10, of course he is also out of money and desperate to land on Free Parking. He did not. He landed on Go To Jail. Gia Gia rolled another double and landed on Free Parking. I wonder how long this game can last??

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