Thursday, June 5, 2014

The suitcase

After the touching moments with my older son and his Gia Gia I was thinking that the youngest must be the strong stoic silent type. Until the suitcase came out.

"What's in there for me Gia Gia?" So there it was, she could have handed him her laundry bag and he would have been happy.  As it was he was excited to come away with a new t-shirt and a chicken key chain that crows and lights up.

Because of the language barrier my son at first walked away with a t-shirt that fit him, and one that would take him three years to grow into, a pair of sock that he probably wouldn't fit until he had his own children, and a bottle of perfume.

I had to intervene and tell him that Gia Gia was asking him to pass out the gifts - not take all the gifts.

God love him!

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