Friday, June 13, 2014

Why is summer so hard?

Why is summer so hard? The boys are on edge and seem more stressed than they did the last month of school.  My rational, read 1/2 a parenting book brain tells me that this is developmentally appropriate and comes from the lack of routine.

My tired mommy brain however only recalls summer being the greatest time of the year - second only to Christmas morning.  There were no rules, we played tag until dark and then played Ghost in the graveyard.  We rode bikes for hours and would chase the "fogger" down the street.

Oh those were the days...nothing like sunburns, red Kool-aid, and DDT.  What are my kids complaining about? Their chore chart, summer reading program, or sports leagues.  Jeez!
The reality is that I am floundering also. 

My mother-in-law arrived the day after school was out to live with us for six months. When she stays with us I don't have to worry about cooking or cleaning.  This is a perfect time for me to dive into much over due projects but the only thing I've dived into is the couch.

It's hard to punish the kids for playing itouch for two hours when I sat staring at the TV waiting for another grocery list.  I keep telling the boys, "Read a Book! Make something! Play a game!" Then I wonder around the house for a half an hour myself looking at things thinking-I should be doing something!! but I don't. Man, why is summer so hard?

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