Thursday, December 6, 2012

Black Thursday Shopping

So with all the craziness that happened at Thanksgiving I forgot to update everyone on the real good stuff....

Thanksgiving evening we returned home from a friends house and since it was still nice outside the boys ended up playing outside some more, then we had to eat some more, and when I finally got them ready to go up to bed I realized our six-year-old was out of diapers.

My husband, who will only run to the store if he is out of snack food to pack for mountain biking, offered to run to the store.  I think because he was out of snack food to pack for the next day's mountain biking.  Anyway, his biker buddy called and said he had been by 3 grocery stores and not one was open.

"Now what do I do?" My husband said to me frantic.  I told him I thought that Target was going to open back up at 9 p.m. "You want me to go where?" I knew why he feigned ignorance and it was not just because I am sending him into the malay that is now Black Thursday.

"It's the only thing open that I know of, but you are welcome to drive around town and look for something else."   Reluctantly, he left for Target about 9:30 just as I was finally getting the boys upstairs to get ready for bed.  Giggling, I gave him the cell phone in case he got into trouble.

Ten minutes later I get a phone call, he can't get within 500 yards of the store.  He parked in another strip mall, walked through scrub brush, down a hill, through a drainage ditch, and stood in a line to get in the store.  When he finally made it in he grabbed the first red shirt he could find and said "Dude you gotta help me I just need diapers!"  The dude pulled his arm away and said, "Get your hands off me I don't work here!"

Being the agile athlete and fearless father he is - he was undaunted and dodged the crowd of carts filled with flat-screen TV's and toys galore.  He found the diapers and called me "Quick tell me what to buy I gotta find a way out of here!"  Then calling up all of his old football skills he tucked the package of diapers under his arm and sprinted to the front of the store where a real associate in a red shirt spotted him and waved him over.

"Is that all you have?" She said to him with a look of utter confusion on her face.  "You came in for diapers?" Yes he replied valiantly, my son needs them.  "Then lets get you outta here" she said - and rung him up and sent him on his way.

When daddy returned from the Black Thursday nightmare with the diapers, he received a hero's welcome, and rightfully so. 

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