Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meet Roofis

Once again, we are late to the party, but honestly there was a very good reason we just got an Elf on the Shelf.  My children were terrified of little type people like Leprechauns and Elves.

That all changed this year and they were asking why we didn't have an Elf and how do we get one? Well, I couldn't say "because you two were terrified" and that we did have one stuffed into the back of a closet behind the extra blankets.

So our Elf appeared on December 1st after we read the book and talked about the rules.  According to these rules we had to name him on order for him to come back that night.  So after a lot of back and forth between the boys my husband suggested Roofis, to which our six-year-old said, "would that be roofis?" Sure.

Now I have to say, the boys fear of little people in general was indeed handy for a mom who is not great at remembering things like Elves on Shelves.  Since Roofis joined our family there have been many a late night flight down the stairs upon remembering him.  Also at least one morning where I gave one if not both boys an inane task while I shot downstairs trying to remember where Roofis was let alone where I was going to put him next.

The most wonderful thing about Roofis has been watching our nine-year-old interact with him.  He non-chalently looks for him every morning as soon as he wakes up, then makes sure to stop and say goodbye before he leaves for school.  I have found him telling Roofis something secret in a whisper, as well as reminding his brother that "Roofis is watching ans reporting to Santa tonight!"

I know full well that most nine-year-olds are done believing in Santa Claus.  Watching my nine-year-old hold on tight with both hands warms my heart. I know that I did, I was afraid not believing would mean no more presents.  Worse yet, I was afraid of what Christmas would feel like when I stopped believing in magic.

Friends with older children have told me how jealous they are and wish they could go back.  This year it's all good, I'm holding on tight, with both boys.

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