Sunday, January 1, 2012

Where's my Guidance Counselor?

I will have to go to a funeral this week for a friend who was my age.  He fought a long and horrible battle with cancer and although he is at peace - what about the rest of us?  What do I say to my dear friend who is left without the love of her life?

She mentioned the school guidance counselor has already called her with the plan for telling the children's classmates and talking to them about how to be a good friend.  It made me so jealous.  Where's my guidance counselor?

There are so many situations not just this one where I feel lost, uncertain, ill-equipped to handle.  How do I be a good friend? What do I say when someone is sick? Is it OK to ask them how they feel? Do I bring chicken noddle soup? Or a bottle of wine?  What do I say at a funeral? Is it OK to laugh - tell a story about how I tried to feed him three year-old cream cheese brownies???

I wish I had a guidance counselor, better yet I wish I had super powers.  Flying, super strength, mind control - that would all help in fighting evil doers who are plotting to take over the world, but all I want is the power to heal.

In honor of Caesar Carnavale.  Extremely fun-loving friend, amazing husband, and great father. May your family feel your peace as you watch over them.  and C - next time give me the numbers!!

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