Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Resolution

I have said before that I do not believe New Year's resolutions.  They are pointless and guilt ridden declarations that I think 90% of the population makes while fall down drunk on New Year's Eve.  This year I may have had a change of heart.

The first reason came after getting about 1/2 sick after Christmas.  Due to the pounding headache, sore throat, and insipid cough I sat on the couch doing nothing as often as I could.  Because of this, I happened to caught an episode of The Middle on ABC.  They made New Year's resolutions for each other and it ended up working out pretty well, in that funny sitcom sort of way.  The 17 year-old son went back to 5th grade to turn in a paper for an A - except that the teacher took off a point for every year it was late, and for every misspelled word so he still didn't get an A.  The 15 year-old daughter tried to drum up support for the wrestling team with a band of misfit cheerleaders.  And the youngest child who was hoping to get time with mom ends up getting left at her job 4 hours after closing. See what I mean?

The second reason came when a friend, father, and husband lost his 11 month battle with cancer.  Our birthday's are 8 days apart.  We would both be turning 40 this July.  He leaves behind my good friend-his wife and their three beautiful children.  This really hit me hard.  I'm pissed, still.  I know that I should feel relief that he is not suffering, gratitude for our friendship, and peace that God has a plan.  But I'm struggling, because it sucks.  Wish I had a better expression, sorry Mom.

I was looking at the list that my son made last year right around this time, I have it hanging on the kitchen cupboard, it says and I quote

stuff I need
1. more kindniss
2. more hugs
3. more play time
4. more sleep
5. Kind words

That sounds about right.  Wishing everyone all the stuff they need for 2012.  Happy New Year!

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