Saturday, January 7, 2012

Being 5 is tough work....

Tuesday was the first day back to school after Christmas break.  My five-year-old is in half day Kindergarten.  When I picked him up from school at noon he jumped in the mini-van (yes, yes, I know Julie keep laughing) and said "That was EXHAAUUSSTING!" I am sure it was big guy.

I asked how his day was otherwise

Really? What made it horrible?
"I can't talk about it."

Oh, my little man.  Being 5 is tough.  There are so many expectations and so little reward.  Get up, get dressed, eat your breakfast, go to school, do your homework, take a bath, eat your green beans, get some exercise - no Wii does not count - pick up your room, put on your pj's, brush your teeth and don't ask any questions, misbehave, whine, cry, or complain.  Thank you. Now repeat 10,839 times before graduation.

He seemed to be plugging away just fine this week.  When I got him up on Friday he said, "What are we going to do today?" Here it comes.....I said you are going to school. His reply, "AGAIN!"

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