Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This is my Now....

The time is drawing near.  Soon the chickens will fly the coop for a better part of the day, and I will be left with, well with my husband.  But who wants to mother their husband? Kinda kills the mood at the end of the day.

As I watched my five-year-old step up onto the bus the other day like an old pro it hit me- I need to find a place for myself.  What will I do all day without any one to mother? No one to cook for and pick up after and cook for and to politely ask to close the door and to cook for and to ask again to close the door and to cook for and to scream "Where you born in a barn?! Close the @^#&" but I digress.....

I've known this day would come.  I've tried to remember if I ever had hobbies and if so, Are they what's in that box shoved under the steps in the basement?  What did I ever do with free time?  What makes me happy?  That's too much thinking for one blog.

Considering the state and uncertainty of the economy, should I find a job?  What am I qualified to do?  Who would hire me? Can I ever do anything other than make PB&J, wipe butts, and find lost legos??  Oh, dear God I think I'm hyperventilating!!

OK, I'm OK.  Just having a minor panic attack.  But who among us hasn't when faced with the next chapter.  The anticipation of the story to unfold, the excitement of the unknown, the sadness for what is left behind....this is my now.

Anyone have advice on where to start?  Seriously - anyone??

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