Thursday, October 6, 2011

If I let you fall, will you do it again

Isn't that a song?  My biggest struggle as a parent, especially now that my children are getting older is when to let them fall, and when to swoop in and save them.  How early do you teach life's hard lessons?

I am really dating myself with this reference, but a favorite show after college in the early years of our marriage was Mad About You.  (Yes, I know how old I am, it's in my bio for goodness sake!)  Part of it was fantastic writing and good actors, and part of it was getting exactly where they were.

One of the last episodes is when they are trying to get the baby to soothe herself to sleep.  Which basically means letting her cry it out.  It is such a poignant scene because just when mom's about to break and give up and race in- tears spilling down her face, dad says WAIT, Listen.....nothing.  Mom says, What have I taught her except that I won't always be there for her.

So often I think about that, what I am telling my kids by letting them fall? Why do I have to teach them life is hard, they will find that out soon enough.  And can't someone else be the bad guy - Why me!

My eight-year-old has a Book Share coming up the end of October.  Requirements include poster, report, oral presentation, and more.  He choose a rather long book with difficult words and concepts.  We've been telling him for over a month now (Thank God the teacher gave everyone ample warning!) to read that book.  I think he's still on Chapter 5 - of 25! I'm getting concerned, my husband is freaking out, and our son appears to be blowing it off.

Do I let him fall? I started to read the book today, I even called the Library and reserved the movie version.  What Am I Doing!!

Being a mom?

Do you remember how Jamie (Helen Hunt) named the baby on Mad About You?  Her mother (Carol Burnet) told her to always remember MABEL - Mother Always Bring Extra Love.....and if your lucky they read your book share book before  the due date.

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