Thursday, October 20, 2011

The only scary thing here at Halloween.....

ME! I swear this is what I look like in the morning...The hardest part of parenting has been learning that my children's behavior is a direct reflection on me.  I'm not sure what is going on with me lately, but I've been so emotional so testy.  Perimenopause?  If emotions are contagious, are hormones??  Am I sending the boys into an early puberty?

What happened to the first days of school when everyone got up more than an hour early and ate and played and was ready on time.  We've missed the bus twice this week! What's going on here?  Can I blame the weather?

Can I blame retail?  Christmas throws me into an emotional tailspin.   And this year I swear retail started Christmas in July.  Of course we also had a very emotional summer with the big trip and my BFF moving away and now we're getting ready to have Gia Gia come stay with us for the Holiday's.  No pressure!!

The boys still have not decided what they want to be for Halloween, but the five-year-old has decided what I should be - A Princess.  "Cause that's a girl thing."  Maybe he's got the right idea, it's time to embrace my inner princess, but is it to much to start wearing the costume now?

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