Saturday, October 29, 2011

So what if it's canned!

There are many lovely things that come in a can: pineapple, black beans, sweetened condensed milk to name a few.  There are many important things that come in a can: motor oil, beer, wrinkle cream.  There are also some very scary things that come in a can: Spam, brown curry mole crickets, cheeseburger, and headcheese.  Did you know there are whole cookbooks dedicated to eating out of a can - A Man, A Can, A Plan from Mens's Health Magazine.  My favorite Cook of the Can, so to speak, is Sandra Lee's Semi- Homemade.  She can turn a can of beef broth into Coq Au Vin.
But if you broaden your definition of canned from just food I think you will find that being canned is not just for political speeches and human resource directors.  It can even be for parenting - my type of parenting.  I stumbled onto something called Love and Logic.  The best part is they give you canned answers to memorize then spit out when your children repeat the same annoying behavior over and over and over again.

There was a time I might be ashamed that my spaghetti sauce let alone my parenting came out of a can.  But I'm starting to embrace the idea.  This is not my fault either - it's all your fault.  Yes, all of you.  Society is pushing for more, more, more and some of us just can't keep up.  No more feeling guilty for me!

I am embracing my averageness and refusing to bow to the pressure that is becoming every daytime television show.  These hosts are always cooking, decorating, styling, and preparing for the next holiday.  Not me.  Want a costume? They sell them at K-Mart.  Want Halloween decorations? Carve a pumpkin with a kitchen knife and stick a candle in it.  Want pumpkin pie? Guess what - that comes in a can!!

Enjoy your holiday.

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