Saturday, March 27, 2010

Always a catch

When the first inkling of Spring arises you will find us outside, especially when the days get longer. It wasn't until a recent rainy day that either of my children had even thought about the computer. Someone asked for Poptropica.

OK! So I have mentioned it several times and not explained, here goes. Poptropica is an almost free game website where children make their own hero and then go from island to island winning medals as they defeat the island. If you can get past all the advertising going on, some of the islands teach history, they all have different codes to crack, it definately promotes reading and critical/analytical thinking skills.

My beef, it sucks you in and there is no 10 minutes of computer time because 60 minutes later you'r still trying to figure out what's up with that island. The worst part for me is making my superhero go because instead of a steady run I can only make the silly creature jump in the air.

Why an I explaining all of this? To tell you that Poptropica has replaced Webkinz as my goto game site for computer time. Do you know what those cottonpicking chuckleheads did? Webkinz cancelled our account until we "adopt" a new pet! Do you know how much those things cost? I didn't buy the first two they were gifts. I'm not spending $24.95 on a stuffed animal made in China.

So Poptropica it is boys!! So what if we spend an hour instead of 10 minutes, at least I don't have to "adopt" anything. Word of caution though, Poptropica will suck you in as well. I've found myself putting the four-year-old down for a nap while the six-year-old is at school to try and defeat and island before they do.

What? Is that bad?

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