Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Surprise!

Everyone loves surprises, right? I guess there are surprises we love and surprises we could do without. But this Saturday morning my kids got the best surprise EVER.

My parents only live two hours away, but the older my children have gotten and the busier my parents get with their business the harder it is to get back and forth. Their busy, we're busy, life gets in the way, Whatever! We haven't seen Nanna and Papa since Christmas.

Saturday morning as the six-year-old is hunkered down on the couch watching some bizarre boy cartoon called Dinosaur King and the three-year-old and I are fighting over why he can not have a Ring Pop for breakfast the doorbell rings. Our doorbell never rings - There stands Nanna, with doughnuts!

I think those poor little brains short circuited. They stood there staring at her. I said. "It's Nanna! Give her a hug!" The little one got it right away, unfortunately the six-year-old was still so absorbed in Dinosaur King he headed back to the television. Poor Nanna, upstaged by an animated extinct reptile.

Not to worry, once she pulled out the doughnuts it was all good. The TV went off and the chatter began, "Nanna come here. Nanna play Yight Sabers. Nanna listen to my song. Nanna do you yike Michael Jackson?" I don't think the three-year-old stopped talking for the first six hours. Nanna admitted later she couldn't understand much of it but he didn't seem to notice.

Some surprise in life are tragic, we have all had our share. But I think this is one beautiful surprise my children will remember for the rest of their lives.
Thanks Nanna!

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