Saturday, March 13, 2010

My little big Guy

My baby turns Four next week. Where does the time go? The trip to the hospital seems like only yesterday, as well as the first three months of sleep deprivation and adjustment. Now it's simply water under the bridge.

My little big guy has come such a long way. His second and into his third year have been littered with moments of such total frustration that I wished Gypsies really did roam the countryside in wagons. He is so fiercely independent and stubborn. Qualities that I know could serve him so well later in life, but right now threaten his very existence.

He gave his brother a nickname from the time he could talk and he says it the same way every single time - I'YA! Volume set at 10 and the tone of an angry mother. Where he learned that?? He gets frustrated easily and wants everything done a certain way and when it's not he can scream loud and long about it. Just ask the neighbors.

But we have come so far this year, and I think school has helped. Even though it wasn't until February that I stopped having to drag him from the car screaming into the classroom. He's even telling me when he starts to throw a fit and I walk away either, "I am twhying to calm down" or "I CAN"T CALM DOWN".

So the other day the boys are playing cars together and I dash upstairs trying to return a coaches email when all BLEEP breaks loose. Seriously? I thought to myself - how do they know that I am in the middle of something? I just waited and listened hoping they could work it out, and by that I mean finish beating the crap out of each other. It got very quiet, so quiet it was eerie. Just as I was getting nervous the Six-year-old says something and the three-year-old bellows, "Don't talk to me wight now, I'm in Time Out!" What progress.

Instead of Christmas gifts we gave his Pre-school teachers Valentine's. No, it wasn't some cute, crafty, fab idea - I forgot them at Christmas. So his teacher wrote a very nice Thank you not to Christopher and I gave it to him on the way home from school. He was really studying this card, I thought it was because it had dinosaurs on it. Oh, no, not my little big guy. He finally pipes up from the back seat, "Mom, I don't want this card." Why not honey? "Because there are too many of this yetter in it." Reeaallyy. At the Stoplight I have to yook to see what yetter is causing the problem...too many t's. That's a t. "Yeah, there are 5 of them and I don't want this card.

That's my little big guy, Happy Birhday Sweehear - Mommy yoves you!

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