Saturday, March 6, 2010

My guy....

Once a month our school district has a delay start day. School starts one hour later so that teachers can get in-service hours, trainings, meetings, etc. without taking a full day off here and there.

Last week we had a "make-up" delay start day. It was a Tuesday which is unusual they are generally on a Wednesday. It dawns on me at 11:30 p.m. at night that I will need to take the six-year-old along to the Pre-school to drop off his brother and then get home to catch the bus. This is going to have to be played just right...

The next morning we are trotting along just fine getting everyone ready. Then it's almost time to load everyone up, so I dig deep into my high school drama class and tell the three-year-old how great this will be to show his brother where he goes to school. All the way I'm saying things like, "You can show him your playground, and the classroom, and...". No one was really excited, but at least we are in the car, I was afraid the change in routine would be enough send the child into a tailspin.

We got to Pre-school and while I had made plenty of suggestions, the three-year-old showed his brother the bathroom, the muscle room, and the toys that looked like Poptropica. He wouldn't introduce us to anyone, but he did give us hugs goodbye.

As my older son and I got to the car I am already running through a list in my head of things that need to be done when I am quickly snapped back to reality. As he is buckling his seat belt my son says, "Mom, are you sure he's OK there?"

I almost started to cry. If he only know how dropping them off, saying goodbye, leaving them with a twelve-year-old babysitter can pull at my heart - wait, maybe he does. I assured him that everything would be fine, and told him when I felt that way after saying goodbye to them I close my eyes and say - Angels be with them.

We came home and played outside until the bus came. I chased him and tickled him, teased him and hugged him. And as my not-so-big six-year-old rode away on that huge yellow bus, I asked my angels to be with him. Then I went inside to cry.

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