Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sorry, It's been Forever!!

It feels like that first workout all over again. After I had my first baby I tried to establish a routine and get back to the Gym and just never got it accomplished. It wasn't until number two son was three that I finally got back to getting there twice a week - most weeks.

I have really fallen behind on my blog, and not because of the computer this time. Life just seems to be going faster and faster. It's like the Merry-go-round that we had on the playground of my grade school growing up. When we first got out to recess there might be one or two of us girls on the Merry-go-round just talking and pushing with our feet. Then someone volunteered to push, then some boys would come along, and well, we all know things slide quickly downhill when the boys get involved.

March was a busy month with visitors in our house. Which is awesome! It is always nice to entertain family. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it. I guess I just didn't not realize how much work. My wonderful, but annal retentive husband has this requirement that the house be spotless before anyone steps foot in it - it's a Greek thing. While I do not adhere to this theory, he can make my life a living nightmare if I do not appear to go along with it.

So, over the years I have learned a few tricks. I start with the bathrooms, which by the way have not been cleaned since the last guests left and we are heading for mid-April? Mid-April Holy @&$#- I digress. My trick is to use something like Pine-sol for the job so that when I am finished the entire house reeks of cleaner. It makes him think I've scrubbed the whole house. My other trick is to clean up the kitchen - really clean the kitchen. You all know what I am talking about. It takes an hour just to go through all the paper! How many worksheets do I need to keep to prove without a shadow of a doubt our sons attended school?

While it's my husband that is fanatical about cleanliness, at least he offers to help - vacuum. It's really the only thing he does well. He's cleaned toilets once in our fifteen years of marriage. He does dishes, laundry, picks up - a lot. The problem is he takes three times longer and twenty gallons of water to do the dishes. He's ruined enough clothes that he is skittish about the laundry, and as for picking things up. The problem is not that he picks-up, the problem is that not even HE can find it afterwards.

Needless to say we've had a wild and crazy month. My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came for the first of hopefully many trips. Nana and Papa stopped by after being "in Fworida forevor". We've had a Birthday, a School carnival, and Easter.

I would say it's time to take a breath, but we have another birthday on the horizon, baseball has already started, and Soccer starts next week. There is no rest for weary!


  1. its good to be in action because action doesnt let you think :)

  2. Next time I come down to visit, I'll make it a surprise so Yiannhs doesn't drive you loukoumathes! lol