Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I have been thinking about my favorite time of year. Winter in the Midwest can get so gray - gray sky, gray ground, gray trees, gray days. But with the end of winter comes Spring. A rebirth of not only the earth - but of life in the Midwest.

This is my time of year! With weather in the 30's at night so that you can still sleep snuggled up, but in the high sixties during the day so that you can wear shorts, I am a happy camper. Daffodils and tulips pop up and grass is getting greener by the moment and the days have gotten longer. We are outside until eight o'clock: we eat outside, and play outside, and the boys even pee outside!

The world seems to sprout over night. The typical Midwest Spring goes something like this: March 1st-3rd 65 degrees, March 4th-10th 32 degrees with scattered snow, March 11th-16th 68 degrees, March 17th-22nd (yes- the day after the official First day of Spring) rain 30-40 degrees. Do you get the picture? Then throw Easter into the mix, which you can guarantee will be freezing and wet because we live in the Midwest and all they sell are little spaghetti strap Easter dresses with no sweater and sandals.

It is still my favorite time of year. The bugs are not horrible yet, the nights are still cool, and even better when the sun is out, but I still need a sweatshirt to be comfortable. I know not everyone is having a grand time right now. One girlfriend locks herself in the house delivering hourly doses of allergy medication intravenously. But I am in Heaven, or as close as I would like to get for now.

Celebrate Earth Day - buy some reusable grocery bags if you haven't already. Or just unplug one appliance in your house while your gone during the day like the TV or the Computer. Better yet make it the refrigerator and you don't have to cook!!

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