Monday, June 22, 2009

Put those kids Away!

In the past few weeks I have found myself using a disturbing phrase. O.k. well it's not that disturbing, I have worse phrases in my vocabulary, but I digress.

I will be telling someone a story regarding the kids and I use the phrase, "put the kids away." My mom was the first to hear it and commented, "Honey did you just say you were putting the kids away? Where may I ask did you put them?"

Am I that stressed out? Is life as a stay-at-home mom finally made me snap? Instead of putting the kids to bed, now I put them away. I started to wonder though how great an option that might be....think of it!

Before you leave for vacation: Things to do - Stop the mail, buy sunscreen, put the kids away.
The husband comes home from work with free tickets to a show, can you be ready in 20 minutes? Sure, 10 minutes for hair and make-up and 5 minutes to put the kids away.
Your girlfriend calls and says that the Elementary school carnival committee would like to meet for lunch at Applebee's next Tuesday can you get a sitter for the baby? No problem, I'll just put the kid away!

Please, do not send me hate mail as I am completely joking. I love my children and care for them 24/7, which is precisely why I have this sick sense of humor.

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