Sunday, June 7, 2009

Other people's children

I love to hear other people's stories about their children, it makes me feel less freakish. Here is oneof my favorites.

My girlfriend's son who is 7 years-old is now taking showers by himself. Recently he came out of the shower and said, "Why do I only have one ball?" My girlfriend of course launched into, "Well if you would put your things away where they belong you would be able to find them!" Her husband gently stopped her rant and explained to their son that those are called testicles. Their son explained that he was squeezing them after he got out of the shower and one popped up there and did not come back out.

After a quick examination she made a call to the Pediatrician for an appointment. With his pants down around his ankles lying on the table with two Doctors examining his groin her son looked up at her and said, "Mom, this is the weirdest thing I've ever done." She told me she wanted to reply but they were all laughing to hard. The Dr. said that there is an opening like a button hole that allows the little fellows to pop in and out. Her son's opening would have to be enlarged so that they did not get stuck again.

Consequently she started to supervise the boys showers again, just until after the surgery. One night as she was toweling him off, she said let's get your - Kibbles and bits - her husbands name for the boys privates. Her 7 year-old looked at her and said, "Mom, their just Kibbles and bit."

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