Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blonde and codeless

Numbers are not my forte'. I was OK in the beginning. Learning numbers, memorizing my telephone number and street number. I was even OK when they started to mix it up with Grandparents, cousins, Aunts and Uncles. Ask me anyone's phone number from my childhood - I still have them stored up there in the old file cabinet we call a brain.

But it all got a little tricky when I went to college. Suddenly I had a new and growing group of people to add to the telephone number list. On top of that college requires you to identify yourself by your social security number and in certain cases a random group of numbers known as your student ID. Being on your own means that you acquire a bank account with an ATM card - for convenience - which is another set of entirely random numbers. Add to that security codes to get into certain buildings on campus including the five apartments I lived in while attending said college. Don't ask me any of those numbers - don't even ask me any of those addresses, that file cabinet was lost in a tragic fire.

After college (and I realize that I am sooo dating myself with this admission) was the boom of the cell phones and consequently I not only had to remember everyone's home phone but add to that their cell phone number. Also after college came marriage which by the way requires you to memorize another group of random numbers. Your husbands social security number, a new bank account number, credit cards, insurance cards, and several new telephone, cell and street addresses before it is all through.

Then come the children. I have given up trying to remember every random set of numbers I have ever met. It haunts me and quite often bites me in the rear. Like trying to register a child for Kindergarten, check out books at the library, or buy groceries. Everyone, everywhere, everything now a days requires a "code". I am happy to say, I am blonde and codeless!!

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