Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A little information goes a long way....

We hosted a dinner party recently and had WAY to much left over beer.  My husband and I rarely drink so when we made pizza a couple nights later and I popped open a beer (to share for goodness sake) my husband felt the need to explain to the boys what we were doing, and why, and most importantly that he NEVER does this (seriously).  If you know my husband, you know this means preaching. Can I get an Amen?!

The seven-year-old was fascinated with this beer thing that daddy preached about for 20 minutes.  What is this dangerous drink that will lead to a life of ill-repute???? I let him taste it, that's all it took. But daddy's speech was very convincing.

Later that night as I was trying to put the boy to bed in 30 minutes or less (that should be a show) I was pushing him along so that we could get a shower, teeth brushed, blah blah blah.  He was not loving this little extra push.  Ok- probably because there was nothing little about this push, the shower and pat dry took all of 5 minutes most of which I was scrubbing, scouring, brushing, and buffing.

As I was rubbing a towel over him he finally looked at me and "What is wrong with you?" Well this did not go over well late on a Sunday night with half a beer headache.  I told dad it was up to him to take over before I boiled over.

They went into his bedroom to get PJ's and I hear my seven-year-old say to my husband,
"Dad. Mom's been drinking again and when she drinks then she acts like this" to which I began to laugh hysterically in the other room.  My husband who had been upset when I chastised him for giving a 20 minute speech on the perils of drinking now calmly looked at my son and said, "Enough! it's time for bed stop stalling."

After the kids were tucked away for the night my husband came to me giggling a much needed apology for his speech.  "You were right. That kid doesn't miss a beat."   Nope - not one.

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