Sunday, September 8, 2013

Homeland security here he comes

My seven-year-old has come to a disturbing conclusion.  Last week he came to me and said, "Mom, the school nurse is not there to help me like you said." 

Really? I asked playing stupid cause I already know what the deal is with the school nurse.  The school nurse is like the American Embassy in a foreign country.  It's all about appearances.  Look good, look like we care, but really just keep people where they are.

"Yes", says my little counter-intelligence officer in training, "She won't even let you go home unless you are bleeding, vomiting, or have a broken bone.  So when I scraped my leg on my desk and it was bleeding - there was real blood - A LOT- do you know what she did mom? Do you? She wiped it off, stuck a Band-Aid on it, and sent me back to class."

"NO!" I wailed in mock horror.

"Mom, we have to get my desk fixed."

Thanks for sticking with the mission kid.  No if you could just get the 411 on that janitor with one eye.....

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