Sunday, September 8, 2013

Note to Friends: If I should die, someone please erase my computer!

I was thinking tonight while writing another scathing soliloquy regarding my husbands behavior that should something happen to me, I hope no one goes traipsing through my laptop.  And I don to say that to point a finger at anyone but myself.

Nothing would be worse than my kids losing their mother only to find out that, not only can she cuss like a drunk sailor, but she really hated their father.  Or so it would seem after reading my collection of notes. 

Some of the titles might give them away like:
Mother @^%#^ Son of a #^&@ - Part One and Two
Oh no he didn't - again

The time stamp would be the other dead give away that something was amiss because nothing was penned during daylight hours.  In general all of these are between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.  when getting back to sleep after said fight is just not going to happen.

Should I be more worried that this is not completely normal? We all do it right! Right?  Oh come on I can't be the only woman whose husband has a dumb-ass attack now and then.  (If there is another type of man out there please don't tell me.)

I guess I really should be more careful now that they can both read and that because they are more tech savvy then I am.  So that is why I implore you my friends - should something happen to me, just make sure one of you gets to the laptop first.

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