Sunday, May 5, 2013

stream of idiotness

My ten-year-olds soccer team, which those of us of a certain age would compare to the Bad News Bear, had yet another tournament this weekend and at the end of the day on Saturday they had won both games.  I can not tell you the feeling as a parent.  One other mom confessed this morning to praying last night that they win this - just one!

On top of these hard fought wins my son was running a low grade fever and  complaining off and on of a headache and stomachache.  I was so proud of all of them but the maturity, determination, and integrity my son showed playing sick.  I wish I could say the same for my own behavior.

What the hell is wrong with me? I swear I am a total jack@$$.  TOTAL!! How many games do people have to say "Hello" and then walk faarrr away in the other direction for me to understand that I am out of control.  None of the other parents cheer - so all the reason for me to scream the entire game right....NO! Not to mention I don't know beans about the game of soccer so I can't tell when it's onside, offside, or overside.  Does that stop me? NO!

I need a new motto because mine is not working for me...."The road to hell is paved with good intentions."  I don't think I am going to hell, I think I'm living in it.  Someone sent me an email (does that prove how bad it is!!) about an article asking college athletes what had the greatest impact during their sports career the common answer - their parents telling them I love to watch you play.

My poor kids have to admit to owning the crazy ass yelling mini-van wielding idiot arguing with a ref over the half-time whistle. God Bless them.  God Help me - to find a carpool!

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